Promoting the unknown…

I post these posts way too infrequently, and I have decided that I’ll no longer limit my coverage to pieces I have not already covered on the blog; I figure neither I nor my readers will be able to remember if I shared a specific piece here 6 years ago or not, so I really shouldn’t feel compelled to avoid reposting a wonderful piece just because I posted it here close to a decade ago. The main point of these posts is to keep track of (and share) the wonderful music that I enjoy listening to, and I’ve gradually realized that having an implicit requirement that only ‘new stuff’ be posted here is actually counterproductive.

So anyway, enjoy!

(I love this piece, and this specific interpretation!)

(I’m reasonably sure I’ve never posted this one here on the blog before, but even keeping track of this is getting hard at this point).

(I still have absolutely no clue why a wonderful piece like this gets 10k views, while some random modern pop song gets 50 million views. The world is not fair).

(Again, I’m reasonably sure I’ve never posted this one here before, but it’s getting progressive harder to keep track as time passes and more posts are added to the archives).


May 28, 2018 - Posted by | Music

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