A little bit more about me and this blog

Here’s a small part of the answer to the very broad question of ‘how I view the world’:


On this blog I mostly post stuff about what I read/watch/learn; the blog has over time developed into a sort of extended memory of mine, on which I not infrequently rely. I see no reason not to share the posts I write about the topics in which I’m interested with others, but I also see no reason to share details about myself here about who I am, what I do, etc. I value my privacy, and I do not know you. Some posts on this blog I have written mostly for myself, others I have written mainly for you, and some posts belong somewhere in the middle. It is worth mentioning that if you come across a post which might not have been written mainly for your consumption, if you read it anyway and you would like to ask me some questions about the contents of the post, you are still very much welcome to ask me questions about the coverage, conclusions etc.

Related to the question of who you are is also the question of who you’d like to be, and I decided that I did not mind adding a few comments on that topic here. I have of course, like most people, occasionally found it hard to conceptualize which kind of ‘end result’ I should be aiming for, but even so I do have some idea as to which kind of person I want to be(/-come). The short version of an answer to this question, as far as the answer relates to what is going on on this blog, is the following:

I want to be the kind of person who knows enough stuff about the world to be able to tell you a lot of interesting stuff – about stuff in which you’re interested as well (“On incommode souvent les autres, quand on croit ne les pouvoir jamais incommoder” – Rochefoucauld); I have a strong desire for conversations and social exchanges in which I participate to be about learning new stuff about the world, not about winning arguments. I want to be patient, humorous, unassuming, kind and likeable while interacting with you. I want to be the sort of person who is open to learning new stuff whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In terms of how best to navigate the blog an important resource is the category cloud in the sidebar. If you let your mouse hover briefly over the individual categories in the cloud you’ll be able to ascertain precisely how many posts I’ve written about each topic in question, and by clicking on a specific category within the cloud you can view all the blog-related posts which I’ve published on that specific topic, and only those posts. Do keep in mind in this context that I have been reading/learning/blogging for many years by now, and that the content of a book may ‘translate’ to just one or two posts on the blog; so even the relatively ‘minor categories’ on display in that cloud may contain a lot of stuff of interest to you, as even a relatively small number of the kind of posts I usually publish on this blog really translate into a quite decent amount of useful knowledge/information. To provide an example of what I mean, at the current point in time, as I’m writing this post, if you click on the statistics category in the sidebar (or at the link here) you will get on display the 20 most recent posts (out of 53) I’ve published about statistics here on the blog; in these 20 posts I have discussed content from 11 different academic publications (books) covering a wide variety of statistical concepts, methods, and ideas. There’s a lot of stuff here on this blog – I encourage you to take a look around…

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