Promoting the unknown, a continuing series

In the posts in this series which I’ve posted so far, I have never once deliberately ‘recycled’ a piece – I may have slipped once or twice, but I have actually gone to extreme lengths to avoid just that. I mention this because I have come to realize along the way that this is perhaps just a tiny bit silly. The most wonderful pieces deserve to be heard occasionally – they certainly do not deserve to be banned from the blog on account of having been shared here before. On a related note, many readers of this blog encountering these posts have not been reading along for years and have no idea if I’ve posted specific pieces here before or not because they do not explore my archives. On a more practical note, it’s also getting harder and harder for me to figure out if I’ve posted a given piece here before or not, because I have not in the past used the categories as optimally as I could have done wrt. handling this specific issue (and this is sadly way too late to rectify now, in the sense that any sort of reasonable cost-benefit analysis would tell me it would not be worth the effort..) and because wordpress do not allow you to search embedded content the same way you search other content.

So unless I hear numerous protests in the comments to this post (ha!), I’ll start caring a great deal less from now on about whether I happen to have already posted a given piece in another one of these posts years ago. I’ll try to keep adding new stuff in these posts but if I love a piece and listen to it occasionally (and want other people to know about it) I really don’t see why I would care all that much about whether or not I’ve shared it here before a long time ago. I rarely post these posts anyway – it’s been almost two months since the last one – and if you’re using a feed it’s not like these posts are hard to avoid (it’s also not that hard if you’re not, but…).

Anyway, I feel reasonably certain there are not any pieces included in this post that I’ve blogged before – I haven’t added any I’ve posted before deliberately in this post, but I have also not checked carefully as I usually do if a specific piece also featured in a previous post from 2 years ago.

Oh yes, the music:

January 19, 2014 - Posted by | Music

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