The pace of modern life

I had to share this one – it’s pretty awesome (click to view):


Link. In related(?) news, abstrusegoose has started updating again.



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…and don’t even get me started on effect sizes…

xkcd. Here’s a bit more.

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Her er et aldeles urelateret link. Bedste to sætninger: Eleverne læser ganske vist teksten. Fra ende til anden, men når dansklærer Christina spørger dem, hvad de har læst, så svarer omkring halvdelen, at det kan de ikke huske.

‘Det kan jeg ikke huske’. Det var vist også en af de mest populære undskyldninger, dengang jeg gik i folkeskolen.

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“It has not been conclusively proven impossible…”

xkcd. I especially like the interviews where the researchers combine several of these, ie. something along these lines: ‘There’s still a long way to go, perhaps 10 years, before we’ll have something close to the ideal product available to consumers, so we’re not really looking at market applications right now – we would like to have the prototype completed before we start looking at these things. We do however expect to have a prototype ready within the next two years, probably by the fourth quarter of next year. You can ask us again when that time comes’ (Which translates to something along these lines: ‘If we ever did manage to complete the hovercar, which would be totally awesome, we’d want it for ourselves. However we expect to lose funding long before we’ve completed the prototype we’re currently working on)

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Sometimes – but not often…


Found in the Echochamber.

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Theory meets practice


Here’s the link.

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