Obama’s “New Era of Responsibility”


The September 08 projections were made before Obama was elected, the January projections were made about the same time he was inaugurated (January 20th) whereas the most recent August projections were made after he’d have time to actually make policy. These projections are not based on the estimates of some obscure right-wing partisans; rather the numbers are provided by the CBO. Potential healthcare reforms (…/spending bills) are not included in these numbers.

Link, via the mercatus twitter.

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A few numbers

Some numbers from realclearpolitics:

“Congressional job approval”:
26.8 percent approve.
64.0 percent disapprove.

Let me just spell that one out for those of you with poor math skills: Almost 2 out of 3 Americans disapprove of the work their own elected representatives do.

“Direction of country”:
38.6 percent “right direction”.
53.8 percent: “wrong track”.

The president’s approval rating is still above 50 percent (52.5 vs 40.7). Within the last 9 months, the amount of people who disapprove of Obama has more than doubled – see the previous link.

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