Zach Weiner does it again


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No pressure!

Link – and if you haven’t yet read through the archives of abstrusegoose, don’t waste another second, go do it right now! This one was just too wonderful not to blog:

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The difference

Well, one of them:

That would be the economist’s take. The economist with philosophical leanings would probably add that even if people claim that they find the idea of putting a value on another human being horrible, they do it themselves all the time anyway without even thinking about it.

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Link. Just felt like sharing. In marginally related news; I recently stumbled upon this website. Haven’t taken a closer look yet but I probably will at some point.

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Too good not to share

Link. To be fair, the first picture doesn’t tell the whole story; quite a few doctors actually are way too busy working at that particular time of the day (/night) to wonder about these things. I owe more than one of those doctors my life, so I think it’s worth mentioning.

What would keep the average economist up at night? Government stimulus?

Here’s a neat and very relevant link to the engineers reading along (related to the latest xkcd-cartoon).

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How many firms “deal” with their economic troubles

My previous post on newspapers just reminded me of this strip, which I would assume is actually more relevant now than it was when it was first made four years ago:

2005-01-07 (strategy)

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History repeats itself…

I was just in a bad mood and decided to take a dive into the collection of cartoons I have stored on my computer. This one is from 2002.


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