Many of the words below, though far from all of them, are words which I’ve encountered while reading Rex Stout‘s Nero Wolfe novels. I’ve read roughly 20 of Stout’s books over the last month or so and I like them a lot.

Scofflaw. Vulnific. Brisance. Delitescent. Scrunch. Tosspot. Flaneur. Crenellation. Autotelic. Decoupage. Gulosity. Bray. Modish. Cloddish. Vermiculate. Logy. Instar. Amatory. Coddle. Rayon.

Impedimenta. Mosey. Mucilage. Lulu. Contrariety. Loam. Lath. Sumac. Excelsior. Crotalid. Tonneau. Rotogravure. Dicker. Quixotism. Twill. Sill. Rumpus. Avoirdupois. Tarragon. Flummery.

Extempore. Rodomontade. Piddling. Dainties. Dingy. Aplomb. Gullery. Mash note. Carom. Flue. Traipsing. Contumacy. Hoosegow. Modicum. Snooty. Phiz. Acarpous. Gob. Scraggly. Spiff.

Frazzle. Burlap. Ruction. Apodictic. Clepe. Craichy. Fricandeau. Rut. Scuff. Querulous. Escutcheon. Dolichocephaly. Pestiferous. Caravansary. Coquin. Klieg. Gump. Herringbone. Ebullience. Confraternity.



July 5, 2017 - Posted by | Language

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