The great majority of the words below are from books I’ve recently read, I’ve almost not spent any time on since my last post of this kind; the guys add new words much too slowly, and most of the words they’ve recently added were not in my opinion all that interesting.

GelidCicatrization. Caudal. Stanchion. Saurian. Griddle. Branks. Purlieu. Arras. Slicker. Insipidity. Sedulously. Splay. Traipse. Gaff. Costive. Depauperate. Quaver. Homiletic.

Anemometer. Flagitious. CarboyMatutinalCognizance. Crispation. Doughty. Crepuscular. Giblets. Venery. Collier. Charnel. Dirge. Natter. Lintel. Disquisition.

Papuliferous. Vespertine. Lusciousness. Damask. Vaunt. Cicatrix. Integument. Heresiarch. Traducement. Apotheosis. Sardanapalian. Vocable. Desiderium. Leucocholy. Compathy.

Callosity. Skosh. Hellacious. Jouncy. Scilicet. Benignancy. TenebrificIpseityHoydenish. Quean. Handsel. Piton. Belvedere. Yenta. Officinal. Sanative. Umbra. Abaxial. Idiographic.


March 6, 2017 - Posted by | Language


  1. Again, what level are you at?

    Comment by Akshay | March 6, 2017 | Reply

    • Are you thinking about If so, I’m a ‘walking dictionary’ roughly two million points short of the ‘running dictionary’ rank (currently #119 in terms of total points on the site, with 12.135 ‘mastered’ words).

      I was puzzled by the ‘again’ – have you asked this question before? If so I have not seen that and I apologize – your comment must have been caught by the spam filter.

      Comment by US | March 6, 2017 | Reply

      • Nice.
        I too am at the ‘walking dictionary’ level and don’t really feel like going ahead anymore –Seldom do I encounter any new word now.
        Do you have access to other resources or websites that test your vocabulary skills or the sort?

        Comment by Akshay | March 7, 2017

      • I’m not aware of the existence of similar resources elsewhere, but I haven’t looked very much for them either.

        One thing to be aware of before giving up on is that if the number of words you’ve mastered is substantially lower than mine then it might be that the main problem for you has more to do with the algorithm they use to present words to you than it is a problem of few learnable words of interest available. I know from statements made by that the number of words I’ve learned is close to the total number of learnable words available (see e.g. this note), but I almost gave up on the site a long time before I got to that point because of the large proportion of review questions when using the default random words algorithm; I now think it would have been a shame if I had done that. Lists used ‘strategically’ (find lists containing words you have not yet mastered and focus on them) are great if you feel tired of getting nothing but review questions, and my discovery of lists and how they worked meant that I rediscovered the joy of using the site, at least for a while – I wrote some more stuff about that topic in this post if you’re curious.

        Comment by US | March 7, 2017

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