A brief administrative note

People who’re keeping up to date with my reading on the book list or on goodreads would have noticed that I have not read much stuff (especially not non-fiction) lately, and that I’m mostly covering books I read a while back. I assume most people don’t (keep up), but now the rest of you know as well. There are two principal reasons for this recent change: a) I’ve been busy with ‘real work’, and b) (significantly more important) I have been bothered by noise from another flat in the building in which I live for some time. It has become dramatically worse in the last week or two. My impression is that me moving someplace else would be easier to accomplish than having those neighbours kicked out, but I’m conflicted about doing this both because of the time and costs involved, but also because I know it’s a temporary problem as the people causing problems are renters and their contract will expire in August. I’m strongly considering at the moment to move to live at my parents’ place for some time (they have room for me, and they wouldn’t mind); not permanently, but several days each week. At the moment I’m more or less permanently angry and frustrated, and lately I’ve been more or less completely unable to focus. My knowledge of the physiological responses to stress is telling me that my blood pressure is probably through the roof. My roommate is also annoyed by the behaviour of my neighbours and have asked me multiple to complain about their behaviour (so it’s not just me), which I have done; but having Asperger’s and being very sensitive to noise does not help. There’s no way to reach an agreement with these people; diplomacy was of course my first approach, until I realized they just don’t give a shit and just do whatever they want anyway. I told them a few days ago that the noise they were making was not acceptable (it was angering both me and my roommate), and their response to this was to keep making noise for another 3 hours after I’d talked to them, into late in the evening; you can’t reason with people like that.

I’m hoping to find some sort of workable solution to these issues soon. It’s not that I’ve stopped finding blogging or reading/learning stuff interesting, but these problems are seriously impacting both my work and activities related to my blogging. Lately I’ve mostly tried to spend the available hours during which I was able to actually focus on the material on my work, and not on blogging or blogging-related activities, so blogging has been light. The noise doesn’t just encroach upon my work hours, but also upon the hours I have for myself; for example there was audible music coming through the floor yesterday evening until almost 11 PM (on a Monday).


March 10, 2015 - Posted by | autism, Personal

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