Something Fresh

This is a wonderful little book by P. G. Wodehouse, the first of his books I’ve read (but most likely very far from the last one). I don’t usually blog fiction, but this book was great enough for me to want to share a few quotes from the book here. If Wodehouse’ other books are as funny and entertaining as this one was, I know which fiction author I’ll be reading in the weeks to come. I am very partial in particular to the character Lord Emsworth.

Sample quotes below:

“owing to the pressure of other engagements, he unfortunately omitted to do any work, and, when the hour of parting arrived, he was peculiarly unfitted for any of the learned professions. Having, however, managed to obtain a sort of degree, enough to enable him to call himself a Bachelor of Arts, and realizing that you can fool some of the people some of the time, he applied for and secured a series of private tutorships.”

“Tell me, Adams, have I eaten my cheese?’
‘Not yet, your lordship. I was about to send the waiter for it.’
‘Never mind. Tell him to bring the bill instead. I remember that I have an appointment. I must not be late.’
‘Shall I take the fork, your lordship?’
‘The fork?’
‘Your lordship has inadvertently put a fork in your coat pocket.’
Lord Emsworth felt in the pocket indicated, and with the air of an inexpert conjurer whose trick has succeeded contrary to his expectations produced a silver-plated fork. He regarded it with surprise; then he looked wonderingly at Adams.
‘Adams, I’m getting absent-minded. Have you ever noticed any traces of absent-mindedness in me before?’
‘Oh, no, your lordship.'”

“The cab drew up before a house gay with flowered window-boxes. Lord Emsworth paid the driver, and stood on the side-walk looking up at this cheerful house, trying to remember why on earth he had told the man to drive there.”

“There is every kind of restaurant in London, from the restaurant which makes you fancy you are in Paris to the restaurant which makes you wish you were.”

“Blandings Castle was one of the more important of England’s show-places, and Beach, accordingly, had acquired a dignified inertia which almost qualified him for inclusion in the vegetable kingdom.”

“One of Mr. Peters’ most painful memories was of a two weeks’ visit which he had once paid to Mr William Muldoon at his celebrated health-restoring establishment at White Plains in the State of New York. He had been persuaded to go there by a brother-millionaire whom till then he had always regarded as a friend.”

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