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I did little but read from Friday afternoon to earlier this afternoon, and so I ended up reading two books in roughly 24 hours. I plan on blogging one of them – a Springer publication on Acute Muscle Injuries – here later; it seems like the kind of book a lot of people would potentially benefit from reading. Given that it’s somewhat technical it’s also the kind of book a lot of people would benefit from being able to read, but that’s a different matter… The other book in question – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – is a work of fiction, so I won’t talk very much about it here. I did like it and I gave it three stars on goodreads, despite the fact that the setting is very unrealistic. The unrealistic setting did occasionally subtract from my reading experience, as some of those aspects were distracting to me. To people who don’t know, this book is the book behind the movie Blade Runner (a movie I really liked when I last watched it, though that’s quite a while ago).

Although I figured I might as well include the above comments in this post in order to at least add a little bit of ‘content’, the ‘recommendation part’ of the post title does not relate to those two books; rather the main reason why I wrote this post is that a friend of mine has just started a blog – arscogitandi. I think you should go have a look at it.


April 26, 2014 - Posted by | blogging, Books

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