A few lectures

I love Crawford’s lectures, and this one is great as usual. Much of this will presumably be review if you’ve explored wikipedia a bit (lots of good astronomy stuff there), but there’ll probably be some new stuff as well and her delivery is really good.

I’m very skeptical about some of the numbers presented in this lecture, and this kind of stuff – insufficiently sourced (/unsourced) numbers which are hard to look up, also on account of other information being constantly added to the mix – is an aspect of lectures which I really don’t like. Not a great lecture in my opinion, but I figured I might as well post it anyway.

I’ve linked to e.g. this article before, so some of the stuff covered in this lecture should be well known to those readers who’ve read along for a long time and follow all my links… (Ha!)

As usual it’s annoying that you can’t see where the lecturer is pointing when talking about stuff on a given slide, but the lecture has some interesting stuff and it’s worth watching it despite this problem.


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