A brief administrative note

I was curious to know how my blog looks like when I’m not logged into my wordpress account and my adblocker is disabled. I know that wordpress occasionally displays adds in the sidebar and below my posts, and so I wanted to see which kinds of advertisements they were displaying – I don’t see those adds normally.

Before I ever got to watching adds, I noticed while I was logged out that recent comments do not display in the sidebar (“There are no public comments available to display.”). I should point out that this is not what the blog looks like when I’m logged in – when I’m logged in I have no problems viewing recent comments in the sidebar, and so I had no idea this problem existed. Is it a new problem, or has it been that way for a while?

If things look bad/wrong for some reason, you should never hesitate to tell me in the comments – odds are I don’t know about it. Even if I can’t do anything about it, I prefer knowing to not knowing. I actually spend a non-negligible amount of time on formatting and related stuff in order to make things look reasonably okay when I post (e.g. in order to make sure quotes don’t come out all wrong because of formatting issues etc.). That work is completely in vain if things look like crap or doesn’t work because of issues I’m unaware of.

I’m told that it’s a problem on wordpress’ end, so it’s not something I’ve done. I hope it’ll be solved quickly. To be updated.


October 17, 2013 - Posted by | blogging


  1. I usually read the blog on a smartphone, where the recent comments appear under the post normally. But now I get the same message. So it is a fairly new problem. I just had a period with a lot of work and thereby less online leisure time, so perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed for the last week or so, but I doubt it’s been that way for moe than two weeks.

    Comment by info2 | October 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. The comments display was fine until yesterday.

    Comment by Miao | October 18, 2013 | Reply

  3. Thanks to both of you for letting me know. I’m glad this is not a long-standing issue which I’ve overlooked.

    I hope they’ll fix it soon, this is not an acceptable state of affairs.

    Comment by US | October 18, 2013 | Reply

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