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“This text is the one of choice for micro courses in econ PhD programs. I (and several of my colleagues) almost quit the program because of this book (some in fact did). […] the econ was lost in this book, with math taking primary importance […] it is basically a math textbook with econ terminology sprinkled around”

“The authors present almost every idea in the most complicated way they could find.”

“This book […] is really an exercise in mathematical gymnastics.”

“Extremely technical and based around logical proofs of theory. You must learn to speak and read math as a language.”

As some people might already have inferred, I’ll be reading Mas-Colell this semester. Above quotes are from reviews of the book. A few more quotes:

“The problems in the text are among the most difficult I’ve ever encountered. They’re classified by difficulty A, B, & C, but even the A problems are often challenging and the C problems are practically impossible to understand–it’s no surprise that the solutions manual to this text is one of the most sought-after items in the econ grad student community.” (from this review).

“The exam difficulty will be about the same as the homework assignments.” (from the course description – all problems in the first assignment are taken directly from the book, and most of them are in the B category).

Given that the new semester has started, you can expect a lower posting frequency in the months to come. I assume some readers may have had difficulty keeping up with the posts I’ve written recently as I’ve covered a lot of stuff and blogged more than I ought to have, and if you’re one of those readers you may benefit from having a look at this summer’s archives instead of just hanging around getting annoyed at me for not updating more often in the time to come. In general I don’t cover current affairs stuff, so a lot of the stuff I’ve written in the past will be just as relevant in two months as it is now, and as mentioned I was quite productive during the last few months – e.g. I’ve read and blogged roughly 25 books since the start of June. As long as you don’t go back too far in the archives, you’ll be fine (I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone reading stuff I wrote more than a few years ago).

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