A Dance with Dragons (I) (no spoilers)

“The man is cold, brooding, sullen, deaf to humor. And those are his good points.”

“What has this poor child done to you that you would wish her dead?” […] “Queen her, I said. Not kill her.” […] “To queen her is to kill her.”

“Tales are told of you […] I hear them everywhere. People fear you.”
“You are mistaken. It is not good. No tales were ever told of me. Do you think I would be sitting here if it were otherwise? Your amusements are your own, I will not chide you on that count, but you must be more discreet.”

“He’s not afraid of anyone, m’lord.”
“He should be. Fear is what keeps a man alive in this world of treachery and deceit.”

“When treating with liars, even an honest man must lie.”

“Give me priests who are fat and corrupt and cynical […] It’s the ones who believe in gods who make the trouble.”

“”His Grace is not an easy man. Few are, who wear a crown. Many good men have been bad kings […] and some bad men have been good kings.”

“That sweet man does not mean to take us to Mereen. He was too quick to accept your offer. He’ll take thrice the usual fee, no doubt, and once he has us aboard and out of sight of land, he’ll slit our throats and take the rest of our gold as well.”

I was recently reminded that I still had one book to go in this series, and as mentioned before I’ve sort of decided I want to read/finish the series this summer. The part of the series which has been written and published at this point, anyway. I’ve read roughly the first 600 pages over the last couple of days, meaning that I’m a little more than halfway through the book. I like it much better than A Feast for Crows – unless the second half of this book turns out to be very disappointing, I’ll probably give it 5 stars on goodreads.


August 15, 2013 - Posted by | Books

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