A few lectures

First, a link. I hadn’t heard about Gresham College until yesterday, so I’m assuming that some readers are at this point unaware of the existence of this resource. With that out of the way – some lectures!




I don’t want to talk a lot about the stuff covered here, but I probably should mention that I’m pretty sure I read an article not long ago showing that biennial eye screenings are more cost-effective than annual screenings, and that expected outcomes in the two cases are pretty similar. I’m too lazy to look up the article though, this is just to say that if you’re a diabetic getting your eyes screened regularly, you probably shouldn’t lose sleep about the fact that they only look at your eyes every second year.


I think I may have mentioned this before, but in my childhood I caught myself wondering if our cat could actually tell the difference between me and some other person – that question related to the bigger question of how the cat perceived the world; if I looked different enough for it to tell that I wasn’t somebody else. Well, if I’d had a pet sheep instead there’d have been no doubt:

“So this is sheep, showing that they can discriminate between faces by pressing panels with their nose […] they’re extremely good at doing this, they can remember or discriminate up to about 50 different sheep faces … it’s probably more than that, this is as far as we went – and at least 10 different human faces, and they can remember them for several years.” (from the video, roughly 40 minutes in)


August 10, 2013 - Posted by | Diabetes, Infectious disease, Lectures, Mathematics, Medicine, Microbiology, Neurology, Ophthalmology

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