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I won’t talk much about these links or cover them in any detail – but I do encourage you to have a closer look if some of this stuff sounds interesting:

i. Are All Dictator Game Results Artifacts? – “How much would participants in a Dictator Game give to the other person if they did not know they were in a Dictator Game study?”

Given how long people have known about stuff like the Hawthorne effect, I almost can’t believe nobody ever got the idea of doing something like this at some point in the past. I however have no problem believing the results.

ii. Finnish war pics. Fascinating stuff.

iii. The kind of people who apparently receive elite research prizes in Denmark these years – exhibit B: Claudia Welz (Danish link). Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good English webpage describing her activities, in order to illustrate just how mad it is that a person like that receives that kind of money from the Danish taxpayers in order to do the kind of ‘research’ she does, and my life is definitely too short to translate the crap that’s put up at the Danish site.

Exhibit A is of course Milena Penkowa. Naturally more deserving people have received the prize as well this year – at least most of the recipients probably won’t feel any strong need to talk about imaginary entities in their publications.

Here’s a related link (in Danish). It’d be a lot cheaper to just give these people unemployment insurance. I’m sure not all of this research is equally useless, but even so my willingness to pay for this kind of stuff is, well, let’s put it diplomatically – not exactly super high. I don’t really understand why people can not just study that kind of stuff (and less useless stuff…) themselves, during their own time, when they’re not working.

iv. A few more Steven Farmer pharmacology lectures:

There’s a bit of annoying microphone-related noise in parts of the second video and parts of the third one, but aside from that they’re quite good and this should not stop you from watching the videos if you find the topics covered interesting.

v. Twelve Month Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys.

vi. Does Educational Status Impact Adult Mortality in Denmark? A Twin Approach.

vii. Aspirin, angioplasty, and proton beam therapy: The economics of smarter health care spending.


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  1. Jesus, I had an acute feeling of becoming dumber while reading your exhibit B.
    Looks like her spiel is to combine a lot of humanities buzz words and come to the conclusion that everything is “tankevækkende”.

    “Prisen motiverer mig på den ene side til at engagere mig endnu mere i en mangfoldighed af forskningseventyr, hvis udgang er ubestemt, og på den anden side til at fokusere på spørgsmål, der allerede i årevis har fascineret mig.”

    That’s 1.2 million kroner tax generated wealth down the drain…

    Comment by Stefan | May 31, 2013 | Reply

    • “forskningseventyr.” Some pople pay for this stuff. For quite a few of them it’s probably a nightmare, not an adventure. As for the ‘acute feeling of becoming dumber’, I’ll quote myself: “Aaaaaaarrgghhh, feel like screaming…” (A Skype comment I wrote while I was reading the description I link to…)

      Did you incidentally follow the last link? If not here are a few examples from that one:
      “Fascismefascination og velfærdsfortællinger – et komparativt studie af velfærdsstatens litteraturhistorie efter 1990” – that one will cost the taxpayers 2,1 million.
      “Print en ting! Analyser af 3D-prints æstetiske betydning med særlig vægt på billedkunst- og designfagenes brug af 3D-printere” – that one is 2,2 million.

      I’d say there’s certainly room for … (I don’t really care what you call it, as long as you give those people less money to squander on useless projects…)

      Comment by US | May 31, 2013 | Reply

    • Det eneste, der peger på, at hun rent faktisk kan noget, er, at hun trods alt må være klogere end dem, der gav hende prisen.

      Comment by info2 | June 5, 2013 | Reply

      • 🙂 Måske burde jeg ikke smile, men jeg gjorde det alligevel da jeg læste din kommentar…

        Comment by US | June 5, 2013

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