Khan Academy videos of interest

I should point out that a lot of good stuff has been added to the world history category since last I visited that part of the site – especially stuff about World War 1.

Some videos from the site:


Some related numbers from wikipedia (Khan also briefly covers this aspect in another video):

“The Serbian Army declined severely towards the end of the war, falling from about 420,000[2] at its peak to about 100,000 at the moment of liberation. The Kingdom of Serbia lost 1,100,000 inhabitants during the war (both army and civilian losses), which represented over 27% of its overall population and 60% of its male population.[5][6] According to the Yugoslav government in 1924: Serbia lost 265,164 soldiers, or 25% of all mobilized people. By comparison, France lost 16.8%, Germany 15.4%, Russia 11.5%, and Italy 10.3%.”

There are huge error bars around these numbers, but that World War 1 was ‘a bloody affair’ for Serbia probably doesn’t even begin to cover it…


I’ve put the rest below the fold.




vi. Review – Maclaurin and Taylor Series Intuition:



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