The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society (Pew)

Here’s the link. I won’t comment on this stuff (much), but here’s some data – click to view figures/tables full size:

Support for sharia

Sharia apply only to muslims

What do sharia supporters want

Right to choose veil and wife must obey

Religious freedom

Some people might say there’s a problem here. To take an example in order to illustrate that problem, take a closer look at the preferences of the South Asian (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh) muslims. Among South Asian muslims the median % of muslims who back the idea of sharia as the official law of the land is 84 % (p.16). 76 % of the sharia supporters in that region favour executing those who leave islam (see above). Multiply the two and you get that ~64% of South Asian muslims – a clear majority – are in favour of killing apostates. Yet 97 % of them say religious freedom is a good thing. You do the math.


Honour killings

May 2, 2013 - Posted by | Data, Demographics, islam

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