A day off, reading

Today I spent the day offline reading three novels by Colin Dexter; Service for All the Dead, The Dead of Jericho and The Riddle of the Third Mile. I read them in a Danish translation and so I’ve decided not to quote from them here. I read all the Inspector Morse books back in the (7th? 8th grade?), but it’s been a long time so I didn’t remember the plots and I enjoyed rereading these novels.

It’s been a very long time since I last read fiction in Danish, probably at least a couple of years, and today’s experience made me remember that you can actually read a lot of pages in a very short amount of time if the stuff you’re reading is fiction in your native language; a novel like any of these three corresponds, in terms of the time expenditure required, probably to at most a couple of chapters of a decent textbook. I have to say that the “I read 50 books a year” segment just became significantly less impressive to me than it was before.

If you can ever find the opportunity to just take a day out of your life and spend it doing little else but reading stuff you’d like to read, it may be worth considering doing it every now and then.


December 20, 2012 - Posted by | Books

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