Romeo and Juliet

They did what? They thought doing that would be a good idea? He figured that would be a good way to handle that situation? She is how old? For how long have they known each other again? Her behaviour was not the least bit suspicious to you people?

Some of the questions I was asking myself while reading it. The play is stock full of fools and morons.

It’s easy to read; much, much easier than King Lear. And it was quite fun to read, probably at least in part because the actions of and decisions made by most of the people involved (not just the title characters) are so completely outrageous to a (…well, ‘this’…) ‘modern mind’. If you don’t want to read it and/or don’t want to read a longish (featured) wikipedia-article about it, tvtropes has a very neat plot description and trope collection here – it’s quite easy to summarize… Arguably one could add love makes you dumb and love makes you crazy to the trope list. Regarding my ‘the play is stock full of fools and morons’-comment, this is not just my opinion – on tvtropes they put it like this: “It’s probably easier to list the characters who don’t act like idiots…”

The wikiquote article is here.


July 11, 2012 - Posted by | Books

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