Scientific knowledge across countries

I’m sure I’ve seen some of this stuff before (Razib Khan may have covered it), but I’m pretty sure I have not blogged it. Link to the source here, click to view the figures/tables in full size:

Of course formal education matters, a lot:

Interestingly, the link also has data related to a recent post:

It seems that public opinion doesn’t change very much over time. I thought this last one was interesting (if anyone knows of any related Danish data, let me know in the comment section):

Note that this is only the “very great prestige”-proportion, so there may be stuff going on we don’t know about. Note how much both ‘teacher’ and ‘military officer’ has changed over time. Something funny may be going on here; ‘farmer’ is more prestigious than ‘Member of Congress’ and ‘Lawyer’ (‘well of course it is,’ you might say, but…).


July 8, 2012 - Posted by | Agnotology, Data, Science

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