‘The Mediterranean World’ and ‘South Asia: From Early Villages to Buddhism’

The post title refers to the titles of the chapters 13 and 14 in The Human Past. I read the first chapter earlier today and expect to finish chapter 14 later this evening (though I’m now starting to think that may be a bit optimistic). They are both 40+ pages long, so there’s a lot of stuff covered here. Given that each chapter here corresponds to at least half a book in many other contexts, I figured I might as well blog my reading of this stuff more regularly than I’ve done so far. I’ve added some links to stuff covered in chapter 13, the one about the Mediterranean World – the time period covered is roughly the period from early 3rd millenium BC to the fall of the Roman Empire. I haven’t read all the articles so I can’t say if they agree with the book, but I’ll assume for now that many of the same themes are covered. It’s not unlikely that I may have linked to one or two of these before in my wikipedia articles posts, as this is (generally) stuff I’ve read about before, on more than one occasion (some of this stuff was part of the high school curriculum):

Minoan civilization.
Cycladic civilization.
Troy VII
Linear B
Mycenaean Greece
Greek Dark Ages
Etruscan civilization
Philip II of Macedon
Alexander the Great
Ptolemaic Kingdom
Punic Wars
Forum of Trajan
First Jewish–Roman War


June 20, 2012 - Posted by | Anthropology, Archaeology, Books, History

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