That is a lot of hours…

According to some new stats from Statistics Denmark, Danes spend on average 3 hours and 18 minutes watching TV every day. I got curious and so decided to take a closer look at the numbers. The numbers below are based on ‘FOR4215: Gennemsnitlig dagligt tv-forbrug i minutter (3 år+) efter måned’ from Statistikbanken.

It’s a quite interesting jump. What about variation during the year? Well, we watch more TV during the winter months, but actually I’d have guessed beforehand that the variation was bigger than it seems to be:

Danes watch more hours of TV2 than they watch hours of DR1, on an annual basis (FOR4213: Seertid (i minutter) efter tv-kanal og programtype). In 2011, they watched 16.806 minutes of TV2 on average (~46 minutes/day) and 12.945 minutes of DR1 (~35). I would have thought these numbers were higher, because they still leave a lot of hours unaccounted for.

This is one of those areas where I don’t mind being below average.


June 14, 2012 - Posted by | Data, Demographics, denmark

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