I’m thinking about expanding my almost nonexistent boardgame collection. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Preferably the game I’m looking for should be:

i) A game that rational, intelligent people would have fun playing against each others more than just a few times.
ii) A game that can be played by 2 players. If it can also be played by three or four players – even better.
iii) There should be a low level of randomness involved. Games which do not involve the use of dice are strongly preferred to the alternative.
iv) Game complexity should be reasonably high. Minimum acceptable duration of a game is probably something like 30-40 minutes. That said, I’m not looking for a 5- or 10-hour game.
v) It’s a plus if the game makes use of (/supports the implementation of) multiple game theoretic elements; such as signalling, countersignalling, (/potentially unstable?) equilibrium strategies, and imperfect- and asymmetric information. It’s a plus if the risk profiles of the players actually matter for gameplay and it is a plus if the game allows/encourages players to play ‘mind-games’ with each other during the game. Even if the level of randomness should be low, it should not be a game that can be ‘solved’ analytically. Player interactions and -dynamics should be emphasized.
vi) An example of the kind of game I am looking for is Citadels. (Though you should not recommend this particular game, as I already know it’s awesome and I play it on a regular basis).
vii) ‘Knowledge games’ are not bad, but I’ve never seen one that fulfils the criteria above. If you can win the game by knowing that the answer is hypertrophication, it’s not the game I’m looking for.

If you can’t think of a specific game that fulfils the criteria but you can still think of a different kind of game which you enjoy playing, or a game that shares some of the characteristics but not others, you are free to tell me about it below in a comment, as long as you remember to make it clear that it may not be precisely what I’m searching for (please don’t leave the comment section completely empty or I’ll be disappointed!).


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