The neutrino velocity thing

Here’s the paper, go have fun if you’re into that kind of thing. Here’s one non-sensationalist take on it. I love how they’ve just put all this stuff ‘out there’ for everyone to see and criticise – open science is the only kind of science worth anything.

I have naturally no idea what’s the cause of the results, but my first guess would be the existence of some measurement error they’ve been unaware of. I think it’s a bit funny how a lot of ‘average Joes’ have decided to leave comments on the badastronomy post with more or less fleshed-out ideas as to what’s driving the results, probably posted after at most five minutes of thought on the matter – given that a lot of very, very smart people have spent a lot of time doing these tests and thinking long and hard for days, weeks, months about the test designs and how to improve them. Yeah, they most likely missed some source of uncertainty in the analysis, but you’re probably not the guy who’s going to figure out what it is. Most of the Average Joes commenting aren’t Swiss patent office clerks, and he thought about the stuff for years before he ‘went public’ anyway.

Oh yeah, remember to apply the Sagan Standard here. I know the journalists covering this sure aren’t.


September 23, 2011 - Posted by | current affairs, Physics

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