Khan videos of interest

Some of the stuff I’ve been watching today:

(For the record: I think the above video is just plain cool. I’ve had real trouble ‘getting’ how the kidneys actually work, despite reading quite a bit about that subject at one point; one of the main things I remember from reading about it when I did was that the more details were added to the mix the more confused I tended to get (always a risk when you use peer-reviewed research to supplement wikipedia and similar sources). Khan does a brilliant job here, he’s of course simplifying stuff somewhat but you get it.)

In a couple of later videos he makes a few clarifications regarding the terminology (and frankly if you like this one, you should watch them too – this one is the next in the series) but those are not super important.

The last two were some of the videos I felt I had to take a closer look at in order to get a little more out of some of the sections in the Microbiology textbook. I’m pretty sure this stuff was covered in HS-chemistry, but that’s a long time ago and I haven’t used that stuff since then so a lot of it is just gone. Thanks to Khan, brushing up on some of this stuff is a lot easier than it otherwise could have been.

I think I ought to have a go at the calculus section and linear algebra at some point, but so far I haven’t really found the motivation to do so – besides from watching a few random videos along the way. Incidentally, today I crossed the 100-completed-videos mark (75 of them were in the Cosmology and Astronomy section, which I’ve watched in full from start to finish – and which I highly recommend even though technically some of the videos probably do not belong in this category at all).


August 7, 2011 - Posted by | Astronomy, Biology, Cardiology, Chemistry, Khan Academy, Lectures, Medicine, Nephrology, Physics

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