Krebs / Citric Acid Cycle (yep, Khanacademy’s still awesome!)

Lots more here. I also took a personal interest in this short but neat and instructive video:

He also has a couple of follow-ups to that one here, here and here. They are also quite neat; a lot of learning in a short amount of time.

Btw, I just went and made myself an account to Khanacademy. I consider it quite likely that I’ll visit the site more frequently in the future than I used to do. If I do I’ll do my best to remember to post on my progress here as well.

The site has a lot of data on your progress and I like that kind of stuff. For instance now I know that I’ve spent 50 minutes today on the site (maybe information like that could potentially cause me to cut down on my time consumption of a good like this, but I actually don’t think that is in any way the most likely outcome..).


July 12, 2011 - Posted by | Biology, Diabetes, Khan Academy, Medicine

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