Wikipedia articles of interest

1. Estuary.

“An estuary is a partly enclosed coastal body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.” […]

‘Why would I care about those things?’ you might ask. Well, here’s part of the reason: “Estuaries are amongst the most heavily populated areas throughout the world, with about 60% of the world’s population living along estuaries and the coast.” […] “Of the 32 largest cities in the world, 22 are located on estuaries.”

2. Fortress (chess). I liked this article a lot.

3. Holm–Bonferroni method. It’s related to the xkcd-cartoon I posted here not long ago, the method is a way to deal with the problems related to testing multiple hypotheses at the same time.

4. Reactance. I knew about the effect, not that it had a name:

“Reactance is an emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.

Reactance can occur when someone is heavily pressured to accept a certain view or attitude. Reactance can cause the person to adopt or strengthen a view or attitude that is contrary to what was intended, and also increases resistance to persuasion”

5. Battle of Long Island. To all you Americans out there, my estimate would be that 99+ % of all Europeans have never heard of this. Yes, I know, it was the “first major battle in the American Revolutionary War following the United States Declaration of Independence, the largest battle of the entire conflict, and the first battle in which an army of the United States engaged, having declared it self a nation only the month before.” Still doesn’t change the fact that most people don’t know anything about it.


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