What I’m working on

I’ve kept the links somewhat general in order not to give any hints to fellow students finding this blogpost via google (none of them relates to the breakthroughs mentioned below), but these links is a good sample of the kind of stuff I’ve been working with today: 1, 2, 3 (notice how big that file is. We frequently look up stuff here), 4, 5. I’ve chosen links with some degree of formalization, though most of them of course don’t go into all that much detail. Our curriculum in this course consists of a few hundred pages like those.

I’ve just parted ways with my study group (until tomorrow morning) after appr. 12 hours of (almost) completely uninterrupted work. Hopefully we just made two major breakthroughs. We work with (think about, manipulate, program with..) equations such as those in the links (and the related concepts) all the time and we’ve done it for days on end already.

This exam is very hard and I’m very tired. The tired part is not because of lack of sleep, that’s not an issue (yet). It’s because thinking is hard. Also, it’s depressing working with this stuff because I’m pretty sure that for a guy with an IQ of 150-160, most of this stuff is simply just a walk in the park. Right now I kinda feel like the stupid kid in primary school.


December 6, 2010 - Posted by | Econometrics, Personal, Random stuff, Statistics

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