Another video

Reminds me a lot of the ‘campaign to get rid of dihydrogen monoxide’ I saw a while ago. Some will laugh, some will cry, I thought it was pretty funny:

Nobody likes to look stupid, perhaps smart people in particular don’t because they’ve invested more in their ‘I’m smart’ (/self-)image, and not knowing what a word means makes you look stupid. Better to sign quickly and that way ‘hide the stupidity’, it always works whenever the petition isn’t a prank petition like this one. I don’t consider the ‘National School of Excellence’ part to be all that significant, I’d been surprised if he’d been unable to coax some of those girls into signing the petition (anyway if that’d been the case, there’d been no video).

In school one of the primary things people learn is that they’re supposed to be able to answer most of the teacher’s questions. If they can’t, it’s usually because they haven’t done their homework. If you ask people about stuff that they think they’re somehow ‘supposed to know about’, expect to get a lot more wrong guesses than if you ask them about stuff they don’t think they’re supposed to know about. Granted, if you ask school kids who are in a school that’s supposed to be for smart people, expect them to think that they ought to know everything. Not knowing the answer either means you haven’t done your homework or that you’re stupid and both those options make you look bad.


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