Wikipedia articles of interest

1. False friends. Not what you think. One of the examples from the article:

“In Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, gift means “poison” but also “married”.”

2. Hernán Cortés.

3. Coriolis effect. If you click the link, do note the number of links to articles on physical oceanography at the bottom of that post. Wikipedia is amazing.

4. Topographic prominence.

“In topography, prominence, also known as autonomous height, relative height, shoulder drop (in North America), or prime factor (in Europe), is a concept used in the categorization of hills and mountains, also known as peaks. It is a measure of the independent stature of a summit…”

5. Citric acid cycle. Here’s the not-quite-so-short-version (click to view in a higher res):


September 20, 2010 - Posted by | Biology, Geography, Geology, History, Language, Wikipedia

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