Surprising (?) facts of the day

“A half or more of offenders are intoxicated by a psychoactive substance at the time of the homicide, with alcohol the most commonly reported substance. Levels of substances among victims are comparable with those seen among perpetrators. Among both offenders and victims, levels of substances far exceed population use. Among substance users, homicide specific mortality rates of substance users far exceed population rates. Reducing rates of alcohol and other drug consumption, at national and individual levels, can be expected to substantially reduce rates of, and risk for, homicide.”

Link, via MR.


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Books recommended by smart people…

Here’s the link. My guess is that the mean IQ of the contributors to that list is at least 130 and it’s probably more than that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll like the books, but it does give you a better idea of what kind of books smart (male?) nerds like to read.

I already knew/thought that I should probably read Kuhn and Minsky at some point, both are of course mentioned at the link. Also, I hadn’t heard about that one before but Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach sounds like an interesting book. Popper and Dawkins are both mentioned at the link, they would also be on my list if I ever decided to make one.

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