Random wikipedia links of interest

I’m not posting what I’m ‘supposed to’ at the moment (books, serious stuff, stuff where I do a lot of the thinking and writing) but I am posting. It’s gotta count for something.

1) Hagen–Poiseuille equation. I’d probably archive this one under: ‘Stuff you think is quite simple and easy to deal with really never is.’

2) List of chess openings. Archive under: ‘Why nobody can know all openings by heart and why it takes years to build up an opening repertoire worth a damn’. Also, ‘why you need to emphasize learning general opening principles rather than memorizing lines when you start out.’ ‘Why computers beat us’. There are a lot of options here…

3) Mining. The article’s maps are great: 1 and 2. ‘Stuff nobody knows much about, stuff we take for granted’.

4) Birds. ‘Amazing creatures’.

5) Preventable causes of death. A US-centric article, but I found the ‘Leading causes worldwide’-table quite interesting. Hypertension is dangerous and it affects a lot of people, many of which probably do not realize how much greater their risk of dying is because of their untreated high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes surely is/ought to be working it’s way up that list these years.

May 1, 2010 - Posted by | Biology, Chess, Medicine, Physics, Wikipedia, Zoology

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