A game

I just played a 5 minute game against a Turkish player named Abdul Suleiman. I made one bad move, 21…Qa4?, because I at that time was pouring myself a cup of coffee while playing – and I am terrible at multitasking – but aside from that this was a good game against a reasonably strong player. A poor player would not have resigned quite so fast, even if the end position is completely lost for white and fritz gives it a -4.5 to -5 evalution. Watch it here.

36…Rd8 was incidentally not a good move either, but at that point the game was basically already over, so it didn’t matter all that much; however much stronger was 36…Ra4. If 37.Qd2 then …Rxa3 and white has nothing. If ie. 37.h4 then …Rd8, 38.Qd2 Qc5 and no matter what white does the knight is toast and the game is over.


September 30, 2009 Posted by | Chess | 4 Comments