Federal regulation of the American health care system

This paper, from the mercatus center at GMU by Don King, gives you the highlights. I haven’t read it yet, but if you want to know more about this subject, I doubt this is a bad place to start.

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A few numbers

Some numbers from realclearpolitics:

“Congressional job approval”:
26.8 percent approve.
64.0 percent disapprove.

Let me just spell that one out for those of you with poor math skills: Almost 2 out of 3 Americans disapprove of the work their own elected representatives do.

“Direction of country”:
38.6 percent “right direction”.
53.8 percent: “wrong track”.

The president’s approval rating is still above 50 percent (52.5 vs 40.7). Within the last 9 months, the amount of people who disapprove of Obama has more than doubled – see the previous link.

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Mental health break…

Some beautiful pictures.

I usually employ auditory stimuli when I want to relax, but sometimes visual stimuli work just as well. Click the pictures to watch them in a higher resolution. Here’s the link:










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