What I’m reading…

Not a lot at the moment, that I must admit, but I have begun:

1) The Classical World, by Robin Lane Fox. Ancient Greece and ancient Rome, 900 years, ~ 700 pages. My little brother bought it some time ago. After he’d bought it, he soon realised that he would fall asleep every time he’d open the book within just a few minutes. When we last met, he thus of course did what any considerate brother would do: He asked his older brother if he’d like to give the book a go! No, he wasn’t being sarcastic, he just knows me reasonably well. Of course I said yes right away… Some 60 pages later, I haven’t regretted this decision, it’s very interesting.

2) Going Postal, by Terry Pratchett. It’s from 2004, so it’s very new by my standards. It is however also a) part of the Discworld Series (which I’ve read a couple of books from before a long time ago) and b) it also comes highly recommended by my little brother – who more often than not get’s it just right when he recommends books to me (he was ie. the one who originally coaxed me into reading Heller); so of course I had to give it a go! The P=0 was an important argument in favor of the book too. The same goes for Making Money, which I intend to read after having completed GP. They are light reading, 100 percent entertainment, for the times where I can’t be bothered to do something a little bit more serious. I intend to start reading my first bit of Shakespeare before the end of the year so no, I don’t necessarily think I’m going soft on my old days.

3) Stalinismen’s fascination, by Bent Jensen. I’ve been meaning to write something about this book for a while now, but somehow I never got around to actually do it. I’ll see if I can’t put together at least one post by the end of the weekend.


September 19, 2009 - Posted by | Books

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