Just browsing…

Random wikipedia browsing. The arrows indicate that I followed a link leading to the article on the other side of the arrow head. I had been reading about exoplanets (did you know that we have detected only ~350 planets outside our own solar system?) a couple of days ago, so there was nothing random about the article I started out with:

55 Cancri -> 55 Cancri d -> Argument of periapsis -> Orbital mechanics -> Universal variable formulation -> Laguerre’s method -> (jump) trebuchet -> Torsion engine and Battle of Xiangyang -> Yuan Dynasty and Song Dynasty -> I felt tired and went to make a cup of coffee, so I stopped browsing even if I did get rather curious about the early development of forensic science that took place in the Song Dynasty centuries before this field was first studied in Europe…

If you have but the least bit of interest in any given subject X, obtaining more knowledge about X is usually both fun and rewarding. Don’t ever let anybody tell you differently.


June 25, 2009 - Posted by | Astronomy, Engineering, History, Mathematics, Physics, Random stuff, Wikipedia

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